January 6, 2009

Otto Swadlo Victoria Werk Roaster

Cafe Verde obtained this 5 Kilo Otto Swadlo "Victoria Werk" Viennese roaster yesterday. Apparently Mr. Otto Swadlo retired in the 60's and thus the end of Otto Swadlo roasters. Interesting historical note, during World War II his plant was taken over by the German's and he was forced to fabricate weapons, which he purposely produced at poor production quantities :)

This machine was built in the 1950's or 60's and some how journeyed to Peru. I've seen several of these roasters in Peru, but this was the only one which was in good enough conditions to refurbish. Actually the machine is fully functional and roasts well.

We'll polish it up and technify the air & gas a bit. In a month or so I'll post images of the rebuild, and we'll begin to explore the cup profiles it produces.

Looking forward to tasting the "Victory Work" of this little roaster.


Anonymous said...

Looks cool! Great little story as well. Happy roasting!

Ed Grimly said...

Hey... I just picked up a Swadlo roaster that loos surprisingly a lot like yours. Very curious on what you have run into on yours and what it took to fix her up. I have not started on mine yet but plan on going through it completely.

K.C. O'Keefe said...

Hi Ed, Exciting! Where can I begin? Email me a picture of your roaster at kc@cafeverdeperu.com and I'll shoot you back my laundry list of fixings.

Ed Grimly said...

Check out You Tube and do a search for Coleman & Björklund Coffee Roasting and their first day roasting coffee. I wonder where they got that New Otto Swadlo???
I really hate the jerkiness of the film making but hey, Coffee and Art go together eh?

nat said...

I am writing because we own the Otto Swadlo roaster (very similar to this one: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_5OuXl4Kh9_8/SWOxbqP58OI/AAAAAAAAAJk/aPjuhnw6394/s1600-h/DSC07613.JPG). We wonder if we can sell it, and if so how much it is worth. If you can help please contact me at getme@tlen.pl