January 15, 2009

Roaster-refab fun

A week of elbow grease, sanding and white vinegar has brought the roaster re-build to the next step. The humidity of Lima (80-95% and at the same time a desert!?!)rusts anything metal, and after 50 years of existence the Otto Swadlo roaster drum wasn't an exception.

I was puzzled with the question of how to get the residual rust dust and in crevasse rust without taking it to be dipped in acid, or using some chemical that would leave me incapable of having children. A quick internet search turned up several refrences to white vinegar and bicarbonate (baking soda). Now the drum is rust free and sour smelling! Anyone want to pre-purchase one of the first batches?

In the weeks to come we'll be installing the 5 story stack, supping up the cooling tray, installing a new burner and giving her some lipstick.

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