February 9, 2009

Otto up and running

Cafe Verde's new roaster is now up and running, and today is the first day of the espresso off the new machine! Cafe Verde green and black were the colors of choice. The paint is almost fully curred after a week of heating the machine while experimenting.

Besides the paint job we've re-worked the gas and increased the airflow. It took some searching but we located the gas gage we were looking for and improved the gas line.

The first batch of espresso was a pre-blend, roasted in just over 16 minutes and today has 6 days rest. This 100% Peruvian espresso has a light chocolate initial flavor profile, and ends with sweet bright raisin notes.

The experiments will continue, but were off to a good start. Hopefully in a week the roaster will be fully installed in the shop!



James Hoffmann said...

The roaster looks great!

K.C. O'Keefe said...

Gracias James

Nathan-El Landa said...

Looks awesome, can't wait to go see it! I like the green on it.

Dad said...

If you don't mind...

What criteria did you use to select the gas gauge and which did you select? Other mods to the train?

K.C. O'Keefe said...

Thanks Nathan.

Kevin, we are using high pressure propane here, which is about 500 mb. Finding the right size was the hardest. I'm not sure what you mean by mods to the train?